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TV to fit your life
To help when you're just too busy to record TV, the clever little Sky+ Box is on hand.

Record up to 40 hours
Imagine having your favourite TV ready and waiting for you. Sky+ lets you record and store your favourite programmes so you can watch them when it suits you.

No tapes, no timers, no fuss
Sky+ is incredibly easy to use. There are no tapes or timers to worry about and you only need to press one button to record. You can even record two programmes at once.

Never miss a minute - pause and rewind live TV
When the doorbell or telephone rings in the middle of a programme, Sky+ lets you pause live TV. You can even rewind live TV to watch that cracking goal again.

Record entire series with Series Link
Ever started watching a great new series such as Lost or your favourite soap like Coronation St, only to miss a crucial episode? Series Link lets you record entire series at the touch of a button.

Remote Record on the go
Out and about? Whether you're catching up with friends or have to work late, you can set Sky+ to record from anywhere using your mobile phone or online via Find out more

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Box Price and options

  • Box Price £149 when you join Sky TV.


Money Saving Combinations

  • Save £100. Only £49 when purchased with Multiroom Subscription, Sky Broadband and Sky Talk.

  • Save £50. Only £99 when purchased with Sky Broadband and Sky Talk.

  • Save £50. Only £99 when purchased with Multiroom Subscription.